Shithead AKA palace

Be the first player to discard all your cards!


  1. You must place cards equal to or higher than your opponents last card. 
  2. If you can't, you have to pick up the discard pile. 
  3. After placing, players draw from the deck until they have at least 3 cards in their hand. 
  4. Once the deck is finished, and their hand is empty, players can play their cards laid on the table, starting with the ones face up.

In addition, there are a few magic cards (customisable):

  • 2 resets the discard pile (anything can be placed on it)
  • 3 is invisible (you must beat the last valid card placed beneath it)
  • 7 means the next player must lower than a 7 or a magic card
  • 10 burns the current discard pile
  • Placing down 4 of the same card also burns the discard pile (they do not need to all be placed by one player).

Burning the discard pile gives you an extra go.

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Pretty nice game, maybe multiplayer?