A downloadable Simulator for Windows

Simulation of the Neolithic Revolution

Models the transition from hunter-gatherer to settled agricultural societies and towns, with class hierarchies and trade.

You can turn the speed up to max and sit back and watch various tribes attempt to settle down, learn agriculture and build city states.

Alternatively, you can take control of your own tribe, the Ammonites (White Bar) and see if you can overtake everyone else.

Tribes with lots of resources will trade them to adjacent tribes that don't, shifting the balance of power between the two.

Once agriculture takes hold, things tend to get a life of their own...


  • Emergent social hierarchy (slaves and ruling elites)
  • Tribes will fight over fertile land, displacing one another
  • Goods dispersed via trade.
  • Foraging, agriculture and construction.
  • Seasonal plant growth and survival conditions
  • Randomised world


Foraging: Fruit is randomly distributed across the map at the start. During warmer seasons, fruit will regrow in forests.

Farming: Your tribe will build farms if they spend time on Plains or Steppe, increasing food production.

Trading: Happens automatically, just keep your tribe adjacent to one another to ensure goods will move freely.

Housing: Place some people in forests and mountains, to collect resources for housing. Houses will be built on farms.


Nineveh_v0.02.zip 13 MB
Nineveh_v0.01.zip (LD) 13 MB